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2009 me would think that 2014 me was hot and thats all that matters

You’re so fucking hot, UGH

"But I did. I’m ashamed of myself." 

9 is my favorite number, TPB is my favorite show

I don’t know if you saw my previous (lifethroughfiction.tumblr) post. This is related. You don’t have to check it out, but it’s kinda a pre-prequel. Whatever.

As I said back there, I become obsessed without becoming attached. I will talk about you, get excited as fuck to talk to you, look at your pictures should you have some, and just cliche shit like that.
But if it doesn’t go anywhere, I’m not devastated. You would think so, if you had ever heard how much of my words said person occupied, but the reason for my unattached obsession is simple: I like to enjoy the moment. I know that moments don’t last. But I would rather be excited and (occasionally, rarely( let my stomach be eaten by butterflies than be cynical all the time. If I’ve allowed myself to have a crush on you, than I’ve already disregarded my own cynicism. And like I said on lifethroughfiction, that’s only happened two times (maybe three but who knows) in my life. I’ve even been trying to turn my non-existent karma around (I don’t believe in karma. At fucking all). I can get carried away and flirt with someone I find attractive that minute, but not want to pursue anything, contrary to the vibes I may give.

Annnnyyywwwwaay. I guess this is all a post regarding Possible Number 3. I mean, I got nothing, and what I did get was more than I ever should have gotten. I’m just too positive sometimes.
I mean, what I know about PN3 is perfect, but as I told him, I don’t throw that word around. But, you know, every mistaken perfection is one step closer to actual perfection.

Even Drunk Megan doesn’t think this makes sense.

@ Jessica (m4ng0z)




I only get 4 episodes a day :/ but it’s on every day on ABC Family (11-1)! Lmfao.

That’s so fucking cool that you watch Reba, too (:

Its about to be on CMT in half an hour for me :3 Iloooovve it



We’ll be right back

after these messages

It’s weird:

I don’t believe in paranormal activity or the occult or a higher anything, and yet.. I would consider myself at least a little bit psychic. I don’t know if that’s an instinct thing (I have great instincts) or an actual paranormal thing. I don’t believe in psychics (stereotypically) but I can accurately predict most things.

Again, I’m not saying this isn’t an instinctual/logical thing. It very well could be, and probably is. Being a science mind, I’d prefer to call it that.
But even *I* honestly don’t think that it’s just that. Like, I just get feelings, ya know? I can deduce (scientifically/mathematically) but I also just know sometimes. Some things don’t simplify to deduction. I won’t even be thinking about a certain thing and boom, I’ll know in my gut what’s happening. I kind of like it. I am never one to want to be in the dark, esp. if something has a ‘negative’ turnout. I don’t know. I just thought I’d share.

I’ll most likely come back to this topic at some point.

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