Gonna start looking at tickets to Canada tomorrow!
Can’t fucking wait to be with my family/favorite people and fuckin party

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"Despite the state’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, Alexander is facing 60 years in prison for having fired a warning shot in 2012 to stop her abusive ex-husband from attacking her. The bullet fired by Alexander, a Black working-class mother, hit no one and caused no injury. Nonetheless, she was arrested, jailed and convicted — until a mass movement forced her conviction to be thrown out in late 2013. The state’s prosecutor, Angela Corey, decided to retry the case and has repeatedly slandered Alexander to the mass media and even in the state’s legislature. While the state’s persecution of Alexander continues, the movement to win her freedom has not gone away."


Stick to your guns, drink enough water and only date feminists.

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does anything still move you
since you’re educated now?
and all grown up
and travelled so well
do you still hear the sound of thunder
while you lied up by yourself?
like you waited on his call
and made your plans for great escapes
and there used to be a movement
in the way your dress would wave
from your hips on down
like electric through the ground

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